Professional – Loyal – Unbeatable – Service.

Travel Plus has grown into our country’s largest independent travel agency since it was founded in 1991. This independence is one of our great strengths. We combine top quality with keenest prices for every client and for every trip. Travel Plus deals direct with airlines and train operators, hotels and car-rental firms, dispensing with all middlemen. Because we operate in this way, you can count on getting the best rates every time.


Travel Plus does much more than just organizing and booking all your travel arrangements. So, we examine your travel requirements together with you, and help you in order to produce a clear travel plan. We link our internal corporate agreements up to your personal advisors on our computer files, so that we know in which price category for flights, hotels, car hires, etc, we should look to put together a detailed package proposal.


We provide a comprehensive service

Numerous internationally operating companies at home and abroad entrust Travel Plus with their entire business travel. In addition to our Belgian clients, we work for companies in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Houston, etc.


Our fast, customer-oriented service, together with keenest prices, form the foundations for this success. Companies with which we have framework agreements can rely on getting fixed contract rates. Each business client has its own dedicated travel specialists.



A new holiday of your dreams each year

We’ll sort out a new dream holiday for you each year. The travel specialists at our leisure travel department will be only too pleased to face this challenge. We’ll take the time needed to discuss your dream holiday with you.


Then we’ll pull out all the stops to workout a unique, tailor-made trip just for you. No matter which destination or what type of trip: we never tread the well-beaten path of the average tourist. We always look for an unforgettable experience, plus that little extra something. We promise to come up with something unique and surprising for a happy time.



No challenge will defeat us

For incentive travel, conferences and group travel too, we’ll never pass up a challenge.
With our unlimited range of possibilities, we can promise you something unique and surprising. We recommend only destinations and hotels that we have inspected ourselves.


You can trust us with any request for incentive travel, conferences or group travel. We’ll come up with the right answer within the specified budget.