Leisure Travel

A new holiday of your dreams each year

We’ll sort out a new dream holiday for you each year. The travel specialists at our leisure travel department will be only too pleased to face this challenge. We’ll take the time needed to discuss your dream holiday with you. Then we’ll pull out all the stops to work out a unique, tailor-made trip just for you. No matter which destination or what type of trip: we never tread the well-beaten path of the average tourist. We always look for an unforgettable experience, plus that little extra something. We promise to come up with something unique and surprising for a happy time.

Your trip starts sooner

As well as the essential tickets, you’ll get a personalized travel guide and detailed itinerary, complete with numerous tips and facts, put together specially for you. Who knows we might even surprise you with a little gift, so that your dream holiday starts when you receive your travel documents!