North America

North America, the third largest continent on earth, has only two countries: Canada and the United States of America. But what makes it so special? At Travel Plus, we are convinced that the enormous diversity of cultures is the key. And yet all are part of the very large community with a common dream: the “American Dream”.

Do you wish to discover the United States of America? Travel Plus is your ideal partner. We will map out an itinerary together so every day is an adventure. Our travel specialists know all the best spots because they have been there, and they will be thrilled to share this with you. Take for example New York: you must of course see the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, but we certainly recommend Broadway, especially by night so you can see Times Square at its best. And if you are a sports fan, try and catch a game by the New York Knicks: you will love the ambiance, the cheerleaders and the tasty hot dogs. You can very easily combine New York and Washington, where you find the Washington Monument, the Capitol, the White House, the president and so much more. Or do you prefer to go more laid back and relaxed? Then you should head to the West Coast and see California. Let’s start in San Francisco, go through the national parks like Yosemite and Death Valley, then head south and finish near Los Angeles, with cocktail and sunset in Malibu or Venice Beach.

Have you ever heard of Toad River Valley in Canada? This is the place to ease your mind and completely relax amidst pure nature. Guides will bring you to the most wonderful age old lakes. Sport lovers can go rock climbing or skiing on Whistler’s mountains: magnificent slopes surrounded by ancient forests with perfect ski and snowboard facilities. Why not combine Canada with Alaska? The place to be if you enjoy glaciers and huge polar bears. The perfect way to discover Alaska is by snow scooter or by dog sleigh. But beware of the killer whales who love to come check out what’s happening.

North America has other treasures like Hawaii. A destination most of you have on their bucket list, very much known for its relaxed atmosphere, the romantic sunsets, the beautiful ocean and the mighty volcanoes. Are you in for surfing, diving and snorkeling? Hawaii is the place for you!

Canada – The United States of America