Middle East

The Middle East is an historic and political region of Africa-Eurasia. The Fertile Crescent (where agriculture first appeared) is located entirely in the Middle East and made this continent very important in trade. Economically, this region is still strong today due to the largest presence of petroleum in the world.

The wealthy petroleum sheiks of the United Emirates have invested a lot in their country throughout the years. It has thus become a paradise and a popular destination for those who look for a sunny destination in winter. Abu Dhabi and Dubai offer more than just luxury hotels: you can shop till you drop, there is a huge skating rink and an enormous indoor ski slope and you can make excursions to the desert and even stay there overnight.

Egypt offers you a cruise on the River Nile with one of the best Nile vessels. You can combine this perfectly with a stay by the Red Sea, in Sharm el Sheik or in Hurghada. Across the Red Sea you find Jordan, a small kingdom with breathtaking desert sceneries.

The best kept secret of the Middle East must be Oman. Known for its excursions to old Portuguese forts, driving by amazing sceneries, rough mountains and soft sandy hills, with the occasional and surprising refreshing green oases. Oman is the land of Queen Sheeba and your stay here can very well be extended with a beach stay in Muscat.

Egypt – Israel – Jordan – Oman – Qatar – Turkey – United Arab Emirates