Our own continent, Europe, is worthy of discovering. A very small continent on this big planet that has more to offer than you might think at first. Europe is especially special because it has something to offer for everyone. Do you love culture? Italy is the destination for you. Its capital, Rome, simply oozes history. Make sure to throw in a penny in the Trevi fountain, just for luck!

Are you more of an art lover or are you looking for general enjoyment? Then you will find what you need in France. Go to the Louvre, where you will see the Mona Lisa and other Da Vinci beauties. Or go take a walk through the lavender fields and under the radiant sun in the Provence.

Spain is also known for its general merry ambiance. Highlights are Andalucía, Barcelona, Seville or Madrid. Do not forget your dance-legs to enjoy those passionate flamenco’s and feisty tango’s!

We would not be Travel Plus if we were not able to offer you unique destinations. Places unknown to most people but loved by anyone who visits them. One of those places is Kotor, an old city in the Montenegro Bay, surrounded by its city wall. It was built by the Nemanjic dynasty in one of the deepest bays of the Adriatic Sea and remains very well preserved today. Or what about the Plitvice lakes in Croatia? You can shower in the many waterfalls and enjoy a kayak trip crossing the lakes. And let’s not forget northern Europe. Enjoy the northern light in Laponia, take a walk in the age old forests or go sailing in the dazzling fjords.

Europe also has astonishing beaches: the Azores in Portugal, the white beaches of Corsica, the Baleares are all musts for you beach lovers. If you are more of a golfer, then we recommend Scotland and Ireland. The most beautiful golf courses in the world are to be found here, we will take you back to the roots of golf and invite you to enjoy a well-deserved whiskey after your 18 holes.

But the most underestimated holiday is for sure the combination of Greenland and Iceland. Beautiful sailing trips along the icecaps, spotting whales along the glaciers and relaxing in the midst of these unparalleled surroundings, these are the unique things you can expect from a Travel Plus trip to Greenland and Iceland.

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