Central America

Below the busy United States you find Central America. Besides Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, the continent is an archipelago. The spicy character of the Spanish colonists who brought an end to the Maya civilization is still remarkable.

Mexico got a bad reputation because of the maffiosi. People say you better stay away because the country is not safe. We absolutely disagree. A country like Mexico has so much to offer. A stunning example is Hidden Beach, literally a “hidden beach” you can only reach by a tunnel, which starts at the Marita islands and makes you swim all the way to the beach. We will put your trip together so that you can enjoy all the beauty of Mexico without having to worry.

In opposition to the densely populated cities of Mexico, you find the Caribbean. The most famous of the Caribbean Islands are Cuba, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. The archipelago is famous for its beautiful beaches and colorful coral reefs. Sharks, rays and turtles are but a few of the many marine animals you can find in the surrounding oceans. For the busy and hardworking Europeans we are, socializing with the stress-free locals feels like a breath of fresh air.

The most beautiful nature in Central America is to be found in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Next to the many volcanoes you find the beautiful forests with an impressive biodiversity. So many different species of fauna and flora. The tropical rainforest is of course the perfect spot to maintain this natural habitat.

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