Asia is a truly fascinating and interesting continent. A true feast for all of your senses. And of course easy on your wallet. Asia is a spiritual place with landscapes that will enchant you: beautiful temples, snow covered mountains, the mighty Mekong river and last but not least the wild animals in the jungle.

The best known Asian country for us is China. These few things are an absolute must: let’s start with the Great Wall of China, which you can walk on whilst admiring nature all around it. Or the Big Buddha in Hong Kong, which you can go and greet, before admiring the skyline at nightfall. And of course temples and palaces all over the country, with the Beijing “Temple of Heaven” as absolute show piece.

A lesser known Asian country is Myanmar. Formally known as Burma, this country where all is centered around Buddhism, is a captivating country with an impressive and ever changing scenery. There are next to no western influences which makes it a visit into authentic Asia. The highlight of the country is Bagan, an area just a few dozen square kilometers large, literally covered with thousands of temples and palaces. You must also surely visit the Golden Rock Pagoda. You will be moved by the fairytale surroundings and the gentleness of the people.

Do you wish to end your trip to Asia with a nice relaxing stay in an rivetting spot? Then definitely choose the Maldives. This island group consists of over a 1000 islands and offers you the most luxurious vacation you can wish for. It is a true paradise for couples. The beautiful submarine world and romantic beaches make it the ideal getaway for honeymoons. The light sea breeze keep the tropical temperatures pleasant. The only thing on your to-do list here is relax and enjoy.

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