Business Travel

We provide a comprehensive service

Numerous internationally operating companies at home and abroad entrust Travel Plus with their entire business travel. In addition to our Belgian clients, we work for companies in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Houston, etc.


Our fast, customer-oriented service, together with keenest prices, form the foundations for this success. Companies with which we have framework agreements can rely on getting fixed contract rates. Each business client has its own dedicated travel specialists.


You get a single clear invoice for each business trip afterwards. In this way we ensure transparency and efficient management of your travel- and-subsistence budget. We’ll visit you regularly, with a clear analysis for the period just elapsed. We can produce all data in the form of graphs and reports on request.


We will link these to possible suggestions for cost savings, quality improvements or other fine-tuning of your travel policy. As a bonus, we’re happy to give you an original tip for a nice restaurant or a special night out.